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August 13, 2011

Readymade Baju Kurung English Cotton Matching (florels, polkdadot & stripe)

As salam to my loyal & beloved customers
& for all Nuha Apparels viewer !
New product sempena bulan Ramadan.
1st time jual baju kurung siap
English Cotton
Price : Mix & Match RM120.00 including postage S'jung Msia.
RM125.00 for EM
Price : Same design both top n skirt RM110.00 including postage S'jung Msia.
RM115.00 for EM

Those design & sizes which have been sold out,
can consider to restock.
Sizes are standard readymade baju kurung.

Meruncoklat aka Merundark purplemanggis
M - available

Cream dot orenbluegreenyellow
SS - available

Cream dot orenlightmeruncoklatyellow
SS - available

M - available

 Purple manggis
SS - Sold

Green stripe (whole bajukurung)

Red merun
XS -  Sold to Rolin

bluenavy + lilac + bluegray
XS - Sold to Azharoshila
M - Available
XL - Sold to Afida....kak baju dah sampai, cantik sangat cuma besar skit je biasalah readymade.

cream with dot black + pink + bluegray
S - Sold to Norlina
M available
L Sold

cream with dot black + red + bluegray
XL available

Shocking Pink (won't be restockable)
XS Sold to Nadia
M Sold

 L - Sold
S - Sold

Florel pinkpurple
S available

Small roses with check
S - Sold

luv red
S - Sold

Black Smarties 
M - Available
L - Sold

Small redoren roses (sepsg baju kurung)
M - Sold
L - available

Gree florel (sepsg baju kurung)
L - available

Stripy purplewhite
XS - Available

Pink belacan small dot (putih) - sepsg baju kurung
M - sold to Mira Anisha

Green cendol (black smalldot) - sepsg baju kurung
L - Sold

Roses Darkmerun (tanah darkblue) - sepsg baju kurung
M sold

Roses merunpink
M - Available

Roses Coklat (tanah hitam) - sepsg baju kurung
S - available

Roses Coklatoren (tanah hijaukelabu) - sepsg baju kurung
M - Sold


BielaMzlm said...

baju yang cream with dot black + pink + bluegray tuh M xde lg ek?

BielaMzlm said...

baju yang cream with dot black + pink + bluegray tuh saiz M xde lg ek? M dgn L jauh beza x besar dia?

Zana Arshad said...

Hi Kak .. Im from Singapore .. And i would like to get two design ... your XS and S what's the difference ? design are limited ?? restocking ??

Kindly PM Me at

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